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Purse Frames
Sunbelt Fastener has a large selection of Purse Frames, this is only a few of our many available styles.
Choose from Antique, Classic, Inside, Modern, Sew On, Vintage. Sunbelt Fastener also carries purse frames,
handles, feet, magnetic snaps and handbag hooks.
SFPF-011S-722692-4A-Thumb.jpg (5177 bytes) SFPF-010S-722692-5A-Thumb.jpg (6039 bytes) SFPF-02PGM
SFPF-11S (Silver Or Gold)
Vintage / Classic Frame
SFPF-10S (Silver Or Gold)
Vintage Frame
SFPF-02B (Pearl Gun Metal)
Vintage / Classic Frame
Classic Purse Frame SFPF-C31G Classic Purse Frame SFPF-C32G SFPF-G02G-Thumb-213726-9.jpg (4528 bytes)
Vintage / Classic Frame
Vintage / Classic Frame
Gate Frame
SFPF-G01S-Thumb-213726-7.jpg (4501 bytes)
Gate Frame

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Sunbelt Fastener has a large selection of Purse Hardware.

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